Wording Order Form


This is where you will enter all relevant content to begin the design process. Please fill out the text fields below according to the items you are ordering. For questions about specific wording, etiquette and wording samples please take a look at section 04. of the Curated Collection Guide. Once you submit this form you can expect your first design proof in 1-3 business days. If I have any questions about your chosen wording or formatting I will be sure to follow up with you.

For all other questions feel free to email me at katie@linenandleaf.com


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Details / Accommodations / Reception / map cards For map cards, please indicate the 3-5 points of interest you would like to see on your map design along with any relevant wording or design preferences.
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*Laurel & Alder Suites Only* Please indicate the letters that should appear in your design. Laurel can accommodate 1 or 2 initials. Alder accommodates 2 initials.
Please let me know if there are any additional notes, questions, or comments regarding your wording or order.