This guide is intended to answer the most common questions about the ordering, production and customization process. Please read and refer to this information before submitting your order. 

1. The Process / 2. Customization Options
3. Add-Ons & Embellishments / 4. Wording Samples


1: Placing Your order

Once you've read The Curated Collection Guide, browse The Curated Collection to select your favorite design. If you're unsure about paper and printing quality you may order a sample packet first. Once you decide on a design you'll be asked to select a quantity, printing method, paper choice, and to provide some basic information such as your name, event details, font and color selections. You may also browse and order any add-ons you wish to include with your order, such as calligraphy addressing, extra envelopes, or wax seals. You will receive an email confirmation of your order upon checkout.

2: Follow Up

Within 1-3 business days, I will send you an email to gather the exact wording for your project, discuss your choices and options, confirm your production time frame, and to ask you any questions I may have following the review of your order.

3: Design

Within 2-4 business days a PDF proof will be emailed to you. This digital proof will show all aspects of your design with relative sizes. Ink colors, papers, and envelopes will be displayed digitally to mimic the colors and quality of your chosen design. Please proof all text, calligraphy, and design elements carefully, as I am unable to make changes once the design is sent to print. Two rounds of revisions are included in the price, however revisions to the design template and calligraphy style are not included in the customization process. Any additional revisions will be billed separately as a flat fee of $100 per instance, unless given prior approval. The timeliness of proof approvals during this phase will impact your delivery date.

4: Production

Once you have approved the PDF proof, your order will go to print. Please note that no further changes may be made following final approval. The timeframe for production is approximately 3-4 weeks, but depends on the scope of your project. Additional time will be required if your order includes add-ons such as calligraphy addressing or assembly.

5: Shipment

Your order will be carefully packaged and shipped to the address you listed at checkout, unless requested otherwise. All outstanding invoices must be paid prior to shipment.


2. Customization OPTIONS


I'm happy to offer two of the highest quality printing methods for The Curated Collection, described below. 


Letterpress printing produces a luxurious, tactile piece that is reminiscent of the good old days. Polymer plates are inked and loaded into antique printing presses that leave a crisp impression in the paper, giving greater visual definition to the type and artwork. Letterpress printing, which requires the a press operator to hand feed paper one sheet at a time, has been revived in artisanal form and is therefore perfect for special occasion printing. Letterpress inks are matte and mixed by hand.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is perfect for eye-catching metallic designs. The press uses heat and pressure to adhere a thin metallic foil onto the paper in lieu of ink. To achieve this, a copper plate is created with your custom artwork. On the press, it comes into contact with the foil and transfers a thin layer onto the paper with a slight impression. 



All invitations, inserts, and save the dates from The Curated Collection are printed on Arturo Soft White paper with your choice of cut or deckled edges. Arturo papers are created in Italy by Cartiere Magnani, which was founded in 1404 and has served many of Europe's reigning families and governments, including a wedding announcement for Napoleon Bonaparte! These mouldmade papers have a soft, luxurious feel made possible by Magnani's proprietary "corona" felt finish. 

    Deckled Edge

    Cut Edge


    Arturo's soft white is the perfect creamy backdrop for a range of letterpress inks and foils. The soft felt texture adds tactile interest without overwhelming the design. 

    You may also choose deckled edge cards which feature a soft feathery edge instead of a clean cut edge. This unexpected feature can take a organic or traditional design to the next level or soften a modern aesthetic. 

    INK & FOIL

    Foil stamping is available in gold, copper, rose gold, or champagne. The depth and dimension of metallic foil colors is difficult to convey with a computer screen. Please inquire if you'd like to see a foil sample in person, or reference the Laurel Suite to see an example of copper foil. 

    Letterpress inks are available in the following colors:

    letterpress inks.png



    Matching 'soft white' or 'stone' envelopes are manufactured by Arturo, which is the paper that is used for all printed pieces. These Arturo envelopes offer a unique flap shape as exhibited in the photo. Outer envelopes, ungummed inner envelopes, and reply envelopes are available in this style. 


    You may also choose light or medium gray envelopes. These gray envelopes feature a rounded euro flap and ultra smooth texture. Outer envelopes and reply envelopes are available in this style, but inner envelopes are not available.


    Choose between a traditional Serif font or modern Sans-Serif font for any of the designs.

    font examples.png




    Digital address printing is an elegant and cost effective alternative to calligraphy envelope and may be ordered as an add-on service. Choose from these 4 designs:


    All addresses must be formatted into the following spreadsheet template:

    Guidelines for using the envelope printing template:

    • You may download the template above or start with a clean spreadsheet and duplicate the column set-up.

    • Be careful to not add tabs, extra spaces, or line breaks within cells. These will display as unnecessary glyphs when auto filled into the envelope printing file.

    • Enter your guest information exactly as you would like it to appear on your envelopes. All salutations, capitalization, and punctuation should be indicated.

    • For names or addresses that you would like to have on a second line, use a semi-colon ( ; ) to denote the line break.

    • You may omit or ignore the second column—“Inner Envelope Name(s)”— if not printing inner envelopes.

    • Add additional rows as needed.

    • You will receive 1 digital proof of your envelopes before printing and 1 round of edits. The digital ink will be matched as closely as possible to your invitation ink or printed in black or gray.

    *Return address printing on the back of your outer envelopes and front of your reply envelopes is included in The Curated Collection pricing.

    Calligraphy Addressing


    Calligraphy is available for outer and inner envelopes only, since return and reply addresses are pre-printed. To request calligraphy addressing, please purchase the service from the add-ons page. Before you add the service to your cart you will be prompted to select a delivery date. If an appropriate month is not listed that means I am booked up for calligraphy services at that time. If calligraphy services are unavailable for your timeline, I highly recommend considering digitally printed addresses as a beautiful alternative (also purchased from the add-ons page). Or send me a note in the contact form and I will gladly send over a list of trusted calligraphers who may be able to assist with your project.

    Guidelines for preparing your addresses for calligraphy:

    • To make changes to your list, email only the changes, not the entire list again. Changes to the list will be billed at $10/instance.
    • Calligraphy spelling errors or missed envelopes will be replaced at no cost within 1-3 business days. Last minute additions or spelling errors on your list may be replaced at cost with the addition of a $20 late set-up fee. 
    • Reasonable requests for re-dos will gladly be considered, but are not guaranteed.
    • Calligraphy addresses must be in a plain text format, such as Microsoft Word. Spreadsheets will need to be converted. 
    • Addresses and wording should appear exactly as you want them to be written, with all salutations, capitalization, and punctuation indicated. Abbreviations should be spelled out.
    • 20% extra envelopes must be purchased to cover mistakes. 
    • Most calligraphy orders will add 2 weeks to your delivery, but it's also wise to allow 1-2 weeks to check for errors and request replacement envelopes if needed. 

    Incorrect formatting:

    Dr./Mrs. John Smith & Jane Smith
    500 Maple Ln., Apt. 111
    Charleston, SC 29422-1010


    Correct formatting:

    Dr. and Mrs. John Smith
    500 Maple Lane
    Apartment 111
    Charleston, South Carolina

    Extra INNER OR OUTER Envelopes

    You may purchase additional outer envelopes with your return address printed as well as blank inner envelopes. If you are planning to use an outside calligrapher, be sure to ask how many extras they require (usually between 15-25%). You may also want to order extras if you or a family member will be addressing envelopes. 


    Map Illustration

    Custom map illustrations add a fun, personal touch to your wedding suite. This add-on is for the digital artwork only. To have it printed, please add an extra insert to your cart from the main collection ordering page. Space permitting, most map illustrations can accommodate 3-5 landmarks, buildings, or points of interest along with the main roadways and landscape features surrounding your wedding venue(s).

    Architectural Sketch

    Another fun way to personalize your suite is with a sketch of your ceremony venue, reception venue, or other point of interest. This add-on is for the digital artwork only, but may be incorporated onto an extra details insert or elsewhere in the design, space permitting. 

    Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 4.06.35 PM.png

    Wax Seal

    Custom wax seals are a great way to add vintage flair or interest to your wedding paper goods. Your wax seal design can accommodate 1 or 2 initials, or a full monogram if included in the design you chose. Wax seals are also a great addition to your personal stationery set or thank you notes after the wedding.

    Sealing wax is not included, so I recommend purchasing glue gun wax to make quick work of sealing. All you need is a standard sized glue gun, preferably one with a low temperature setting. My favorite vendors for glue gun wax are: Back to Zero,, and Nostalgic Impressions.

    A note about mailing wax seals:

    Be sure to take a sample stuffed and wax-sealed envelope to your local post office for an exact quote on postage required. You may also want to ask about having your invitations hand-cancelled to avoid running the seals through the mail sorting machines that may damage to the delicate seal. Some post offices are more willing to hand-cancel than others, so you may have to ask around.

    Silk Ribbon & Vintage Stamps

    These embellishments are not currently offered as add-ons, but please check out the following online vendors to cover all of your stamp and ribbon needs:


    Silk & Willow
    Frou Frou Chic
    Tone & Co.

    Vintage Stamps:

    Vintage Postage Shop
    Treasure Fox



    Many resources for invitation wording and etiquette may be found online,
    but here are some basic formats to get you started:



    Save the Date
    Anne Connor & James Smith
    are getting married
    Saturday, October 6, 2018
    Santa Ynez, California
    Formal invitation to follow
    for more information please visit our wedding website:



    The pleasure of your company
    is requested at the marriage of
    Anne Marie
    David James Smith
    on Saturday, October sixth
    two thousand eighteen
    at five o'clock in the evening
    Sunstone Winery
    Santa Ynez, California
    Reception to follow



    Kindly Reply by the sixth of September

    _ happily accepts   _ regretfully declines
    _ number attending



    A block of rooms has been reserved for our guests at a discounted rate.
    Please reference the Connor-Smith Wedding when making your reservations. 

    Kindly reserve your room by September 1st, 2018

    Santa Ynez Inn
    3627 Sagunto Street, Santa Ynez, CA 93460

    For more wedding details visit our website:



    Please join us for dinner and dancing immediately following the ceremony

    The Ballard Inn Restaurant
    2436 Baseline Avenue
    Ballard, California 93463


    Didn't find what you were looking for? Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns: